PJ34 AURA Solution Days

Opening new challenges for U-space on SESAR 3 projects

24 of April of 2023

On 17 and 18 April, AURA Solution Days took place at Indra’s facilities in Madrid, Spain. It was an event dedicated to the two solutions of the PJ34-W3 AURA project (ATM U-space InteRfAce), whose objective is to lay the foundations for the integration of the new entrants in current and future air traffic environment, developing the required concept of operations and validating U-space services information exchanges with ATM systems.

It was a pleasure for Indra, as project leader, to be able to organize and host the partners we have been collaborating with for more than two years, as well as representatives of SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking and the PJ34 Advisory Board.

On the first day, the event focused on Solution 1 which deals with the collaborative U-space ATM Interface. This solution is led by Indra so, after a brief introduction about the U-space framework by Cengiz Ari, the project manager, Julián Alonso Alvarez, introduced the project and the Solution 1 objectives. Afterwards, the results of each of the clusters were reported:

  • Cluster 1 was presented by Manuel Martínez López and Marta García Gutiérrez from Indra in collaboration with Airbus and FREQUENTIS
  • Cluster 2 was introduced by Peter Hauk from FREQUENTIS
  • Cluster 3 was presented by Éric Denèle from DSNA in collaboration with Richard Beaulieu and Pierre Primard from Thales
  • Cluster 4 was introduced by Antonio Strano from Leonardo in collaboration with Emanuele Ficola from ENAV

We had also the opportunity to share with AURA partners the inputs given to CORUS ConOps derived from the work done, both through the concept and services validated. Finally, a very interesting panel discussion was moderated by Marta García Gutiérrez from Indra with the clusters’ leaders about the new services and future ATC involvement in the concept and the collaborative ATM - U-space interface standardization.

Regarding the day dedicated to Solution 2, the session was moderated by the Solution Leader, Pablo Sanchez-Escalonilla, addressing the Highly-automated Collaborative U-space - ATM Environment and the results of each one of the exercises were presented after the intervention of Jacob Blamey from NATS with the definition of the concept. You can find out below who presented each of them:

  • Exercise 1 was presented by Jose María Cervero Melendo and Ana Vidaller from CRIDA A.I.E./ENAIRE
  • Exercise 2 was introduced by Álvaro Sainz Carreño from Airbus
  • Exercise 3 was explained by Marta García Gutiérrez from Indra
  • Exercise 4 was presented by Manuel Martínez López from Indra
  • Exercise 5 was introduced by Co Petersen from NLR
  • Exercise 6 was explained by Markus Brachner from SINTEF

Again, an engaging debate took place, this time focused on the Dynamic Airspace Reconfiguration concept and moderated by Jacob Blamey from NATS and Lars Stridsman from LFV.

Two intensive days of showcasing results but also an amazing opportunity to share ideas and build together the next steps for the deployment of the U-space with the new SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking projects.

Do not miss any detail and click here to download the presentations of both days.