AURA at Airspace World 2023

U-space: from concept to operations at Airspace World 2023

24 of March of 2023

On 10 March we had the honor of presenting the AURA project at the SESAR Showcase Theatre at Airspace World in Geneva.

U-space: from the concept to operations was a session dedicated to the results obtained throughout the project in which several speakers from different companies involved in solution 1 and solution 2 intervened.

Therefore, you may be wondering what was presented:

Related to Solution 1:

  • A novel ATM Uspace Interface and the work done by Indra in Cluster 1 by Manuel Martínez López from Indra
  • Feasibility of ATM Uspace interface in emergency management operations by our Italian team: Antonio Strano from Leonardo and Giovanni Riccardi from ENAV

Related to Solution 2:

  • ATM and Uspace safe operations thanks to Dynamic Airspace Reconfiguration management (DAR) by Manuel Martínez López
  • Deconfliction strategies during a DAR in a fasttime simulation by Álvaro Sainz Carreño from Airbus
  • The impact of UAS contingencies on ATC operations in ATM U-space shared airspace by Jürgen Teutsch from NLR - Netherlands Aerospace Centre

We are very grateful to all the public who attended the session and to SESAR for the opportunity to make our project visible at the world's most important aviation congress.